FAQ – Type Ratings

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If you have any queries that have not been addressed on our website, please contact us.

1. Where can I see what I need to have in order to apply for IFAs courses?
The information on student’s requisites for enrollment are described in each course page, in the topic “Pre-Requisites”.

2. If I want to start on a specific course date, when do I have to apply?
The courses start when we have a minimum number of students that are interested in starting a specific course. We suggest you do the Online Registration, on the bottom of each course page and IFA will contact you for details.

3. I don’t have MCC, can you provide it for me?
IFA offers the MCC course that can be done separately or be incorporated on any Type Rating Course, with 40% cost reduction on the MCC simulator instruction, in accordance with JAR regulations.

4. Do I need a simulator partner for a Type Rating?
Yes, simulator training is performed in crews of 2 pilots and our courses have a minimum of 2 students. If you don’t have a partner interested in the same course, we can try and arrange one for you.

5. I have a foreign license (not JAA) can I still start the course?
You can start the course if the pre-requisites are met. But first you have to confirm if our training center and the course is accepted by your civil aviation authority. After completion of training, IFA will provide you with all documentation to renew your license on the issuing authority.

6. Is your courses JAA approved?
IFA is a fully JAA approved Portuguese TRTO and FTO.
This means that all our training meets the JAA standards and regulations and is recognized by all JAA member states. Upon completion we will give you a complete package with all documents/approvals that your authority requires for acceptance of your new type rating.

7. Where will I stay during the course?
We can provide you the contacts of hotels with accessible rates in Portugal and in the city of the simulator training. All travel arrangements are done by the student. IFA is happy to give assistance in everything students need.

8. Is there a dress code?
Dress code is business casual (no shorts or t-shirts).

9. After completion a Type Rating, how many take offs and landings do I need?
The requirement is for 06 landings to be completed, including at least one full stop landing.
In the case of an application for a multi pilot aeroplane; if you have logged more than 500 hours flying experience on multi pilot aeroplanes of similar size and performance, you may reduce the requirement to a minimum of 04 landings in the aircraft. The Authority defines similar types as aircraft similar in size and performance.

10. How do I get the rating in my license?
After completion of base check you will be given all the required documents for your national authority. That includes skill test form, training records, TRTO approval, simulator certificate, and instructor and examiner authorizations. After receiving these documents, you will have to submit them to your Civil Aviation Authority to update your license with the Type Rating.


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