Crew Resource Managment (CRM)

The Crew Resource Management training course, initial and recurrent, is a mandatory requirement for all pilots, cabin crew and staff associated with passenger and ground handling.
The course aims to enhance the communication and management skills of the crew members concerned, by the effective utilisation of all available resources to achieve a safe and efficient operation. The course is designed to promote group participation and we will encourage as much input and feedback that you can offer. The course promotes an awareness of our behavioural attitudes and improve communication and interpersonal relationships with all those involved in the aviation system.

Initial Course – 14h (Once every 03 years)
Recurrent Training – 7h (Once a year)

• Human factors in aviation, general instruction on CRM, principles and objectives
• Human Performance and limitations
• Human error and reliability, error chain and error prevention and detection
• Company safety culture, SOPs, organizational factors
• Stress, stress management, fatigue & vigilance
• Information acquisition and processing, situation awareness, workload management
Decision making
• Communication and coordination inside and outside the cockpit
• Leadership and team behavior, synergy
• Specified type related system
• Accident prevention and flight safety program
• Automation, philosophy of use of automation
Case studies

IFA CRM Manual
Handouts – Exercises and Case Studies


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