Train the Trainer

(Curso de Formação Pedagógica Inicial de Formadores)

Certified by the Labour Ministry (nr. EDF 3684/2010)

Course Objective

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

– Contextualize the trainer role in the system where his activity is developed and define the desired skills to be an instructor.

– Prepare, develop and evaluate training sessions, considering the need to facilitate the learning process, selection and use of adequate pedagogical methods and techniques, training operationalization by definition of objectives and controlling results.


1. Theoretical Instruction: 58h

2. Practical Instruction: 36h

DURATION: Approximately 03 weeks


– The instructor in the training context

– Initial training simulation

– Theoriies, factors and learning processes

– Pedagogical methods and techniques

– Pedagogical relationships, group motivation, management of different learning processes

Training planning

– Objectives definition

– Training aids and new information and communication technologies

– Learning evaluation

– Training evaluation

Final training simulation


Not required



– Train the Trainer Manual


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