Nominated Postholder


This is an industry specific three-day program, specifically designed for nominated postholders – Flight and Ground Operations, Training, Airworthiness and Maintenance Manager.

This course enables companies to comply with INAC’s Postholder training requirements, defined in Regulation 831/2010 of 8th November.

This course aims to provide training in Management approaches and techniques to facilitate a fully effective exercise of postholders and supporting the achievement of operational and business objectives in aviation management.


a) Theoretical Instruction – 14h (Group Work)

b)Practical Instruction – 7h (Individual class for each Postholder, based in Case Studies with an experienced aviation Postholder)


Instrução Teórica – 21h – 03  dias


DAY 1:

  • Human Factors in Aviation
  • General instruction on CRM principles and objectives
  • Human performance and limitations
  • Human error and reliability, error chain, error prevention and detection.
  • Company safety culture, SOPs organizational factors
  • Stress and Stress Management Fatigue and Vigilance
  • Information acquisition and processing, situation awareness, workload management
  • Decision making
  • Communication
  • Leadership, team behavior and synergy

DAY 2:

  • International Legislation EASA/ ICAO / IATA /ECAC
  • National Work Legislation
  • AOC Holders Operations Specifications
  • Documents to be obtain by an AOC to conduct Commercial Aircraft
  • AOC Holders OM or MMM where applicable
  • Regulation for civil infractions
  • Regulation to defines Post Holders
  • Manuals to be approved to obtain AOC and Contents
  • Regulation to Transport Dangerous Goods
  • Regulation for Security
  • Other regulation involved staff to support commercial operation
  • Business continuity Planning
  • Audit management
  • ISO 9000
  • Compliance with Quality
  • AOC Management
  • Safety Management
  • Business Environment and Market Background

DAY 3:

Individual class for each Postholder

  • Interdepartment interface
  • Staff evaluation
  • Case Studies


Candidate to a Postholder of an Air Operator.


  • Postholder Manual
  • Case studies



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