About Us

IFA was founded by Cpt. António Mendonça in 1997, aiming to be a training partner to small portuguese airlines, mainly charters, covering all training needs of Flight and Cabin Crew and providing aeronautical consulting.

Cpt. Mendonça has a large experience in aviation, area in which he has dedicated all his life, starting as an Air Force Fighter pilot back in the early 60’s, on the F86. In a quick review of his aviation career we can point out:
• JAA/ATPL license with TRI and TRE qualifications
• Commercial aircrafts flown in TAP: Caravelle SE 210, B707, B747, L1011, A320, A340 and B757/767
• Chief pilot of: SE Caravelle, B707, B747, L1011 in TAP
• Head of Flight Training in TAP
• Flight Operations Manager in TAP for 8 years
• Flight Operations Manager in EuroAtlantic Airways for 6 years
• Total Flight hours – > 22.000h
• Total Simulator hours as Instructor and Examiner: more than 6.000h

Possessing this large experience, he gathered the best professionals in several different areas and started his own training centre, passing on to a new generation pilots, his lifetime aviation knowledge and profound technical expertise.

Since 1997 IFA has trained more than 300 pilots with prospects of an airline career, from all over Europe, Asia and Africa, some of those are now pilots in command. We can also point out the 470 Cabin Crew members that were trained by IFA, some of those are now Senior Flight Attendants.




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